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Organisation Structure

The Centre is functionally organized into technical areas, facilities Group, management areas including programme management & planning Group and administration area. The Centre is headed by Director supported by the heads of each functional spacecraft systems directly report to Director of the Centre. To optimally utilise the limited resources and simultaneously execute multiple projects, matrix style of organisation is adopted in the Centre.

  • Mission Development - generates exhaustive mission plan and operation documents, selects orbit and carry out attitude analysis, navigation software development and support ground segment for navigation programme. Headed by Deputy Director, Mission Development Area.
  • Mechanical Systems - responsible for design, analysis, fabrication, testing and delivery of mechanical hardware of all Spacecraft projects. Headed by Deputy Director, Mechanical System Area.
  • Communication & Power Systens - responsible for design, development, fabrication and testing of spacecraft RF systems and electrical power systems. Headed by Deputy Director, Communication and Power Area.
  • Controls & Digital System - responsible for the design, development, fabrication and testing of on-board computer design, Control dynamics, digital systems like telemetry, telecommand. Headed by Deputy Director, Controls and Digital Area.
  • Integration & Checkout System - responsible for complete mechanical and electrical integration of spacecraft, EMI control plans, spacecraft ground check out systems support and integrated spacecraft level testing, final operations at launch complex. Headed by Deputy Director, Integration and checkout Area.
  • Reliability & Quality Systen - responsible for reliability and quality assurance of all spacecraft hardware and space qualified component management including Hybrid Micro Circuits (HMC) development. Headed by Deputy Director, Reliability and Quality Area.
  • Systems Production - draws up elaborate plan for production of standardized electronics hardware and implements it through in-house facilities and external industries. Headed by Deputy Director, Systems Production Area.
  • Payload Data Management and Space Science - is responsible for the realisation of payload data storage systems, data handling, ground encoders and research in Space Science and Instrumentationactivities. Headed by Deputy Director, Payload Data Management and Space Astronomy Area.
  • Management & Information Systems - is responsible for overall Programme Planning, Budget and Manpower Management, Human Resource Development, Technology Management, IT infrastructure management, Library & Information Services and Safety services. Headed by Deputy Director, Management and Information System Area.
  • Facilities Entity - responsible for the establishment, management and maintenance of facilities/infrastructure to cater to the need of fabrication, assembly and testing of spacecraft from component to system level. Headed by Chief General Manager, Facility Group.
  • GEO Platform, LEO & Planetary Platform and Satellite Navigation Programme - responsible for definition, conceptualization, design and building of all geostationary satellites, earth observation satellites, interplanetary missions and navigation satellites to suit various applications respectively. Systems Engineering, Budget and Planning, Configuration & Data management etc are the core responsibilities of each programme management office. Headed by respective programme directors.
  • Administration Area - supports activities related to construction & maintenance, purchase, stores, accounts, general administration and other auxiliary services like transport, canteen and medical facilities. Headed by Controller, URSC