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Home : Industry Interface: Technology Transfer Last updated on: 20-June-2017

Industry Interface : Technology Transfer

As an act of policy commensurate with the DOS/ISRO Technology Transfer Policy, ISRO Satellite Centre has been transferring its in-house developed technologies to the Indian Industry for commercial exploitation.

Technology Transfer Activities of ISRO are two pronged

  1. Buy-back
  2. Spin-Offs

In order to relieve its resources for R&D engagement in cutting-edge technology, ISAC has been transfering the routine activities to the Indian industries on a Buy-back option. This has resulted in diversifying the products of indian industries, increasing their business volumes and upgrading their quality standards and levels for commercial exploitation.

Many of the in-house developed technologies either by themselves or after necessary modifications find applications in other areas which could be commercialized. These spin-off technologies are transferred to the Indian industry with the idea of multiplying their benefits by diffusing them into other area of national technological endeavor.

Technologies transferred to Indian industries:
TechnologyTransferred to
Vertical Dynamic Balancing MachineM/s. Span Industries, Kolhapur
SpectroradiometerM/s.NIL, Calcutta,
M/s. Hind High Vacuum Co. Ltd, Bangalore
Agrophotometer (Mk-II)M/s. Optomech Engineers, Hyderabad
M/s. Elico Pvt. Lt, Hyderabad
Antireflection Coatings (Optocoat 01)M/s. Optical Coatings Laboratories, Bangalore
Optocoat 2&3M/s. Harvin Optical & Glass Industries, Hyderabad
M/s. Deccan Safety Glass Ltd, Madras
Optocoat 5M/s. Harvin Optical & Glass Industries, Hyderabad
HygrophotometerM/s. Tata Tea Ltd, Kerala
M/s. Optomech Engineers, Hyderabad
M/s. Elico Pvt. Lt, Hyderabad
Optocoat 2,3,5 & 6M/s. Astrooptics, Bombay
OptosoftM/s. General Optics (Asia) Ltd, Pondicherry
Relay parameter testerM/s. Hytronics Enterprises, Hyderabad
M/s. Polygon Instrumentation & Aids Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
Triaxial Flux Gate MagnetometerM/s. Instrumentation Ltd, Kota
Gold chrome plating on stainless steelM/s. Brother Surgicals Ltd, Bangalore
Anodising on Titanium alloysM/s. Titanium Tantalum, Madras
Digital Signal Processor CardM/s. Kaushik Enterprises, Bangalore
Metal finishing technologies - Anodizing Black Dyeing on Al AlloysM/s. PK Industries, Bangalore
Optical Solar Reflectors (OSR-2)M/s. Multi Arc India, Bombay
M/s. Opto Electronics Factory, Dehradun
Development of Wide band ARCs for LISS-3 & WIFS OpticsM/s. General Optics (Asia) Ltd, Pondicherry
ISROFLEX Heat Flux SensorsM/s. Thakerson, Pune
Mechatronic Hydraulic ValveM/s. IPA Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Conformal Coating Machine M/s. Avasarala Automation Ltd, Bangalore
Automated Tensile Testing MachineM/s. Hydro Control Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
L&C Band Quadriflier Helical AntennaM/s. Astra Microwave Products Ltd, Secunderabad
Opto-electronic apparatus for static & dynamic measurementsM/s. Holmarc Slides and Controls Pvt. Ltd, Kochi
Electroless Nickel Plating on AluminiumM/s. General Optics (Asia) Ltd, Pondicherry
Hard Anodising at Room TemperatureM/s. Metreat Engineers, Ahmedabad