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Home : Industry Interface: ISRO Standards Last updated on: 2-May-2016

Industry Interface : ISRO Standards

ISRO reliability standards, addressing various disciplines of engineering, are followed across all ISRO centers as well as external work centers for design. Fabrication, testing, review mechanism and other processes involved in realization of spacecraft, ground support systems and launch infrastructure. ISRO reliability standards ensure standardisation in quality processes and products.

Following are some of the standards that are being followed :
  • ISRO-PAS-100 - Non Conformance Control Requirements for ISRO Projects
  • ISRO-PAS-200 - Design Review Requirements for ISRO Projects
  • ISRO-PAS-203 - Procedures and Review Requirements for major Ground tests and Ground test facilities
  • ISRO-PAS-206 - Qualification Requirements for Thick Film Hybrid Microcircuits
  • ISRO-PAX-300 - Workmanship Standards for the Fabrication of Electronic Packages
  • ISRO-PAX-301 - Design Requirements for PCB Layout
  • ISRO-PAX-304 - Test Specifications and Requirements for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards
  • ISRO-PAX-400 - Contamination Control and Cleanliness Requirements
  • ISRO-PAS-501 - Procurement Specifications For Titanium Alloy Ti6AI4V Bolts And Screws