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Industry Participation

The Centre has realised more than 80 satellites since inception. The user requirements and applications have grown continuously. To service the growing demand, ISAC has embarked on a mission to realise 12 or more satellites per year. Towards this, ISAC is looking forward to scale up industry participation in satellite Building activities. ISAC is presently engaged in the challenging task of building future generation advanced communication, remote sensing, navigation and space science satellites. ISAC has had a very productive and fruitful relation with industries in all its past and current programs.At present vendors are involved in various satellite building activities at subsystem level such as avionics systems and mechanical subsystem parts manufacturing, subsystem fabrication and testing activities etc. The future anticipated requirement at ISAC call for an even greater engagement with industry towards outsourcing different spacecraft activities. ISAC, as part of the "MAKE IN INDIA" thrust, is open to greater Industry involvement.