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Home : Industry Interface: Indigenisation Last updated on: 20-June-2017

Industry Interface : Indigenisation

ISRO pursues the indigenisation program for critical components and materials with industry participation to reduce the dependence on import. This effort of indigenisation is being realised with the support of public and private sector industries. The Indian Industry is contributing significantly in the designing, manufacturing & testing of components & materials as well as sub-systems as per ISRO requirements. Indigenisation activity provides major thrust towards self reliance & increases the confidence on capabilities of Indian industries & today various components, materials, subsystems etc which are being manufactured by Indian Industry for ISRO are used in the satellites.

More than 150 types of high reliability electronic components and space grade materials developed and qualified under this programme are being currently used in various satellite and launch vehicles of ISRO.

Broad areas of indigenisation activities include:

A) Components
1. Temperature controlled crystal oscillator(TCXO) (256 kHz to 80 MHz) with Stability of 2ppm
- Realized at M/s Centum Rakon India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru
2. Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO) (18 to 20 MHZ)
- Realized at M/s Centum Rakon India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru 10 Nos. Realized and successfully flown
3. Clock Oscillator (256 kHz to 12 MHz) with Accuracy of 15 ppm
- Realized at M/s Centum Rakon India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru; Planned for usage in IRS & GEOSAT programs
4. OCXO with Stability of 10 ppb
- Realized at M/s Centum Rakon India Pvt. Ltd, Pune; Flown in satellite
5. Relay Driver ASIC (BE03RD)
- Realised at BEL, Bengaluru; Used in various satellites for the last ten years
6. Relay Driver ASIC- BE103RD
- Realised at BEL, Bengaluru; Planned for usage in satellites with both 42 V & 70V bus
7. Thermo Foil Heaters with 2.5 W/sq.in:
- Realised at Thakarsons, Pune; Used in various satellites
8. Gold Plated Non-Magnetic D-Sub Connectors:
- Realized at M/s Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
9. Thermistors (500 ohm to 1 Mohm):
- Realized at M/s Thakarsons, Aurangabad and used in Various Satellites
10. Kapton Wires/Cables:
- Realised at M/s Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad; Used in all satellites from 1996.
11. Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor:
- Realised at Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd, Bengaluru; Used in various satellites

B) Processes
  • ZnO piezoelectric film for BAW devices
  • Black thermal coating (primer & paint)
Procedure for Indigenisation
  1. Identification of Components: Indigenisation activity starts with the identification of components. materials and subsystems which are candidates for import substitution Such items are selected for which requirements are significant in terms of volume and vendor is capable to manufacture
  2. Identification & Evaluation of Vendor : Potential vendor is selected based on survey, past experience for handling similar projects etc. The vendor is evaluated for their capabilities in terms of expertise in required domain, existing work areas, process line, available test & measuring equipments, quality systems etc
  3. Preliminary evaluation of the Products : Prototype samples made by the vendor are evaluated for their functional requirements .Deficiency observed, if any is informed to the vendor. Improved and modified samples are manufactured by the vendor and evaluated.
  4. Process line & Operators certifications : It is required that subsystem/hardware to be used in the spacecraft shall be fabricated in the clean room with specified procedure. Clean rooms are specified in terms of class 100, class 10000 etc with controlled levels of temperature, humidity, air pressure etc. The fabrication & inspection activities are carried out by the operators specially trained & certified by ISAC
  5. Manufacturing & Testing of Samples : Thereafter, vendor manufactures the samples using certified process line. These samples are similar to the subsystem/hardware to be used in the spacecraft, known as Qualification Sample. These samples are subjected to testing as per approved test plan under ISAC's surveillance & guidance. The results are reviewed and if it meets the requirements, it is declared qualified. Otherwise fresh samples are manufactured after necessary corrective action and testing is repeated
  6. Verification of Qualification (VOQ) : Over a period of time, if quality of components are found to be degraded, non conformances are observed during testing, change in machine & parameters with approved PID, validity of qualification expired etc. are observed, then VOQ is carried out. Fresh samples are manufactured and subjected for testing as per approved plan.

List of Indigenised components:

Component Industry Used in
Zener & Switching Diode CDIL IRS
Transistors CDIL / BEL IRS
Crystal Oscillator, VCXO, TCXO AEL, Centum IRS, GEOSAT
Helical Band Pass Filter VXL GSAT, GEOSAT
Mica Capacitor J V Electronics IRS, GEOSAT
Chip Capacitor Dalmia IRS, GEOSAT
Thermistor, Thermo Foil Heater Thakarsons IRS, GEOSAT
Kapton Wire Sanghvi IRS, GEOSAT
D-Sub Connector (Non Magnetic) Amphenol IRS, GEOSAT