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Assembly Integration Test Facility (AITF-2), Space Park,ISITE

In order to provide an integrated platform for realization of all sub-system including those from other work centre, a "Space Park" is being established at ISITE along with capital intensive infrastructure to aid the vendors in meeting the requirement of ISRO. AITF-2 is one of the major facilities in space Park". AITF-2 facility comprises of a 1,00000 Class Cleanroom and associated checkout systems for assembly, integration & testing of satellites. The clean room will be equipped with C.G & MI measurement machine, Spacecraft Handling Equipment & Fixture , Alignment Equipment, Zero-G' simulator Facility, Spacecraft subsystem storage facility etc.

State-of-the-art AITF-2 facility was inaugurated by Shri A S Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO in the presence of Director, URSC on 27th October, 2017.