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Clean Rooms

The centre has a number of 100,000 class clean rooms and associated checkout systems for assembly, integration & testing of communication, navigation, earth observation and space science satellites. The temperature and relative humidity levels of the clean room are maintained at 220C +/- 10C and 55 +/- 5% Rh respectively. The clean room is equipped with harness lab for fabricating onboard harness of the spacecraft and Mechanical lab which is equipped with mechanical ground support equipments required for the assembly, integration and testing of the spacecraft. The overhang type zero-G simulator an integral part of the clean room is mainly used for appendages (solar panels and reflector) assembly, deployment and illuminations tests. The clean room houses a C.G & MI measurement machine to measure the mass properties of spacecraft viz., Mass, co-ordinates of Centre of Gravity (C.G), Moments of Inertia (Mol) and Products of Inertia (PoI).