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Spacecraft Components Lab

Spacecraft components (On-board EEE components) are the building blocks of the satellite subsystems. On-board EEE components experience a harsh launch and space environment in terms of operating temperature, vacuum, mechanical stress and space radiation which necessitates the need for stringent reliability tests to be performed on these components.

A dedicated spacecraft components lab at U R Rao Satellite Centre ensures the flight-worthiness of EEE components by carrying out exhaustive tests to address the mission Reliability & Quality requirements.The labs established under CQADare ISO 9001:2008 certified and totally ESD compliant. The lab is responsible for Incoming Inspection, Screening/Up-Screening, Relifing and LAT/VOQ Testing of all EEE components -active, passive, Electromechanical, RF components and Hybrid Micro Circuits. The laboratory is equipped with State-of-the-art test systems such as VLSI Tester, UNIMET Tester, EPRO Tester, TESEC semiconductor tester, PXI Tester etc for electrical characterization of different families of EEE components. Mechanical integrity tests and Environment testsare performed using advanced equipments such as Centrifuge Tester, PIND tester, Leak tester and Burn-In chambers.

The Failure Analysis Lab carries out systematic examination of EEE components failed duringassembly and testing of spacecraft hardware to determine the root cause of failure and formulate corrective actions. The lab is equipped with advanced test systems such as Scanning Electron Microscope, Photo Emission Microscope, Real Time X-Ray, Optical Microscope and ESD Tester to carry out failure investigations, simulation studies for EOS/ESD and analytical studies for material composition. Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) of components is performed to assess their quality and integrity in all aspects.Bond Pull Tester and Die Shear Tester are employed for Pull Test of bond wires &verification of die attachment strength respectively and Lead Fatigue Tester for verification of Lead Integrity.

The harsh space radiation environment posed by Solar Particle Events (SPE), Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) and trapped particles in Van Allen Belts leads to degradation in electrical performance of on-board EEE components. The Radiation Test Lab houses stand alone radioactive Cobalt-60 gamma irradiator units for testing EEE components for space radiation induced TID and ELDRS effects. The gamma chambers GC-1200, LDI-2000 and GC-5000 at this lab provide a wide range of dose rates, ranging from 0.05 rad/s to 200 rad/s, for testing