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Application Remote Sensing
Lift off Mass 93 kg
Spacecraft Power Solar Array: 230 W, Battery: Li-Ion (10.5 Ah)
Stabilization 3-axis stabilized with Reaction Wheels, Gyros and Star sensors, Hydrazine based RCS
Onboard data storage 16 Gb
Payload SOLRAD from Moscow University; LiVHySI from SAC; RaBIT from VSSC
Launch Date April 20, 2011
Launch Site SDSC-SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch Vehicle PSLV-C16
Local Time 10:30 AM Descending
Orbit 817 km
Inclination 98.69o
Mission life 2 Years
  • YOUTHSAT is second in the IMS-1 Series. Three different payloads have been configured on IMS-1 Bus without major changes thus proving its versatility.

  • All the three payloads put together formed a unique and comprehensive package of experiments

  • Onboard automation of payload sequencer