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Home : Missions : Communication : SALIENT FEATURES OF GSAT-10 Last updated on: 29-Jun-2015


Mission Advanced Communication satellite
  • 12 Normal-C band transponders
  • 6 Lower Ext-C band transponders
  • 12 Ku band transponders
  • Navigation payload GAGAN
  • 1 Ku beacon transmitter
Orbit / location Geostationary orbit / 830 East longitude
Mission life 15 years
Platform I-3K bus
Cuboid Size 2.0m x 1.77m x 3.1m
Dry Mass 1498 kg
Lift - off Mass 3400 kg
Power 6 KW Two winged solar panels, three panels each on North and South wing, with multi junction solar cells. Eclipse support using 2 numbers of 128 Ah Li-Ion batteries
Control System 3 axes body stabilized control system with sensors and actuators
Propulsion System Unified Bipropellant system with 16 thruster configuration & One 440N Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM)
TTC System Conventional C-band Telemetry, Tracking & Command Systems with automation features for TCP
Special Features / New Technologies Use of newly designed indigenous Ku DGR
Launch Launched on 29th September 2012 onboard Ariane-5
Present status In-orbit